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No Space Like Home is Now Available!

No Space Like Home

Before the bacon and eggs are cold on Gail’s plate, Kansa-Station is under siege and she’s rocketing through space.  Crash landing on a foreign moon, she’s accused of high treason and ruthlessly hunted.    

Protecting the galaxy reveals secrets from Gail’s past and raises doubts about her future: Will the reclusive O-Zoran King grant her an audience?  Will she ever see home again? Where is home, anyway? 

You’ll enjoy this dystopian-Wizard-of-Oz mashup where characters come to life on the page and plot twists keep you craving  “just one more chapter.”  It’s a fresh, licit, zarbi read!


I fell in love with Gail, Boq, Leo, and George. I wanted to be right alongside them. Nic was a character that I both loved and hated, and I liked that Tunnicliff created her in… More

Denise B

I got the kindle version the other day and devoured it in no time at all. I love the clever ways Dell tied it to Baum’s books, yet created something brand new. Great story!

Heidi K

It was great! Very nicely balanced!! You can still effortlessly see the original Wizard of Oz story at it’s base, (it’s really cool to look for all the similarities and references, by the way! Some… More

Brianna T

I loved it! Very well done and engaging! I especially enjoyed their foursome friendship/relationship! Leo and Nic were also sweet together. George and Gail were cute too, although I wish they had been a bit… More

Hannah J

A super-fun twist on an old classic, No Space Like Home combines all the quirkiness of The Wizard of Oz with space adventure in this out of this world dystopian YA novel. Great characters, subtle… More

Chautona H

A book that is a combination of The Wizard of Oz and Firefly? Sign me up! While the Wizard of Oz isn’t a favorite classic story of mine, I still thought the combination sounded delightful.… More

Amanda H

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