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I love the interlude between Christmas and New Year’s Day, and the first week of a brand new year that follows!  Outside activities are paused and there’s a calm after the holiday bustle — a cozy time for reading books, feasting on left-overs, playing board games, and staying snug inside.

It’s the perfect time to curl up with a fun read! No Space Like Home is on tour with Celebrate Lit, and I’m adding to the celebration with a deep discount! It’s the lowest it’s been on either Kindle or paperback yet.

Follow the blog tour to find out what others are saying about No Space Like Home and to enter the contest, or head over to Amazon to buy the book at a discount.

NANOWRIMO 2019: Book 2 draft in progress!

Tomorrow is November first, and November is traditionally National Novel Writing Month, or NANOWRIMO! All October, I’ve planned and plotted. Tomorrow I’ll write the very first sentences on the presently blank first page of my next book!

No Space Like Home will have a sequel, starring George! My goal this coming month is to draft the first 50,000 words of No Space Like A Throne! Stay tuned!


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No Space Like Home is Now Available!

No Space Like Home

Before the bacon and eggs are cold on Gail’s plate, Kansa-Station is under siege and she’s rocketing through space.  Crash landing on a foreign moon, she’s accused of high treason and ruthlessly hunted.    

Protecting the galaxy reveals secrets from Gail’s past and raises doubts about her future: Will the reclusive O-Zoran King grant her an audience?  Will she ever see home again? Where is home, anyway? 

You’ll enjoy this dystopian-Wizard-of-Oz mashup where characters come to life on the page and plot twists keep you craving  “just one more chapter.”  It’s a fresh, licit, zarbi read!